Limiting Attractor Points

After my last post I wanted to try something that I’ve been wondering about for a while. With attractor points, it is possible to generate a ‘smooth falloff’, so to speak, but that attraction force extends to the extent of the grid or whatever geometry you’re working with, and hence causes disturbance across the entire field. I began wondering if there was a way to tame that disturbance – not with a cutoff value so that there is a sharp difference or distinction, but so that the effect can be properly contained.

I tried to build a definition with several layers of control

  • firstly, a variable amount of attractors – the effect of each attractor was limited to those closest to it and a given range
  • secondly, each value was tied to a variable power curve, meaning the cutoff could be smoothened out better
  • thirdly, the resulting mesh was run through a kangaroo simulation which would pin back the edges, and relax the interior field distortion
  • finally a neighbourhood laplacian and a level of subdivision to achieve the final result

bulge wall

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