3D Hand Scanning

I wanted to 3D print some wearables for my project this semester, so in order to do that, I had to do some 3D scans of my hand. This in fact turned out to be surprisingly difficult, as I had to try and hold my hand incredibly still in order to be able to orbit around and capture the detail. Here’s the result after a few attempts:

This was as good a result as we could get after a few attempts, as you can see, the fingers don’t line up very well on the front and back of the hand due to the movement during the scan, so this method was really less than ideal.

I decided to do a plaster cast of my hand by first making a reverse cast in alginate, and then use that as a static model to capture with the 3D scanner, and this turned out to be a much more successful method (As a side note, I’m incredibly impressed with the amount of detail the plaster cast managed to retain, right down to the fingerprints on my fingers, see images).

As you can see in the last image, this turned out a lot better, with only minor issues in the middle and ring fingers which were easy enough to resolve in maya and zbrush.

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