3D Printed Water

I’ve been setting up a few 3D Prints for testing purposes, to see what kind of definition can be obtained from the various 3D Printers, as well as how the different meshes will turn out. The first 3D print was done on an UP printer, the second on a Makerbot 2X, and the third on an industrial 3D printer. Here’s the results:

The first 3D print wasn’t a great success, definitely looked a lot better as a digital model than in print.

The second model turned out pretty good! Surprisingly, the Makerbot did pretty well on the resolution of the result.

The third 3D print turned out really really good! Well impressed with the result and fidelity of the mesh, but at the same time really scared to handle the result as it is incredibly delicate.

The last 3D print also turned out really great compared to a simple render of it:


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