The Sound of Tokyo

For our tech project this semester we had to design a concert hall in Tokyo. Our group envisioned the concert hall as a building that would appear to peel away from the ground. This form would be used to redirect the prevailing winds over itself, and allow reverse flow back into the building. The concert hall would hence be buried underground and we could use an extensive green roof over the top of our form to employ further cooling and thermal mass strategies.

For the facade, we decided to use a diagrid panelisation method with horizontal pivot windows to employ a passive cooling strategy. Our structure is held up with structural concrete columns around the street frontage and glulam beams to support the roof structure. Inside the foyer, a suspended bar is accessed via a grand spiral staircase. But inside the concert hall, the roof provides a very pleasing aesthetic for theatre goers.

The images below are our presentation boards of the design concept and the sustainable strategies.


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