Reaction Diffusion Extrusion 3D Print (version 2)

I wanted to do one more 3D print before this semester came to a close seeing as it wasn’t looking likely that I would have a final model ready for design review/crit. By this point I’d settled on a particular region of the occurrences of reaction diffusion, but I changed the scale to create something extremely dense as compared to the previous one. Both models have an inherent beauty to them, but the intricacy in this one was far more exciting!

However because of the smaller scale, it did mean that the 3D print result wasn’t as clean as before. The printer I printed these on tends to work well with models of a thickness of around 2mm, and parts of this model I produced were approaching 0.8mm, but it still managed to print it just fine, it just made the clean up work a little tougher than it should have been.

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