Final Form?

The hardest part without a doubt, in working with reaction diffusion has been to try and extract an architecture out of it. The difficulty came in several places. Firstly, towards the end of my experiments, the result was often very high in its polycount, with some of the meshes being in excess of 6 million polygons, because of this, the main programs I’d worked with to date, namely 3ds max and rhino couldn’t cut into the geometry very well, with the results often failing, so I had to try something else.

I ended up having a brief tinker with zbrush, which proved to be far more effective with high polycounts, but also allowed me to reduce the polycount by almost 95% while still maintaining a good geometric representation. Furthermore, I was able to use zbrush to cull away interior structure inside the reaction diffusion model, here’s the result.

The trouble I have with this option is that the result is extremely untidy, and it takes away a lot from what reaction diffusion is actually supposed to be, furthermore there is no methodology behind it, and lastly, the renders really don’t come out great at all.

Back to the virtual drawing board…

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