3D Reaction Diffusion Models

Earlier on, I was working with an open source platform called ready, which could produce 3D reaction diffusion models (earlier post), and what I realised shortly after was that it didn’t directly translate into architecture very well. After trying several things, earlier on in the week I posted some results which pulled out particular sections of these models to inspect them, these are the original untrimmed meshes that I was working with. What is evident here is the complexity of the models and the almost unusability of them for any form of architecture. But as I discussed previously, there definitely were certain moments in these where glimpses of architecture could be seen, but ultimately, this remains as part of the process that will likely be unrealised and terminated at the 3D printing stage.


    1. As much as I’d love for you to believe I did this in grasshopper, this was done in a program called ready, which is freely available at this website:

      That said, I have been looking into how this can be achieved in grasshopper and maybe that will come out further down the pipeline, as ready is a bit limiting in terms of what can be achieved in it.

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