Cataloging Architectonics inside Reaction Diffusion

Last week I got to work on creating a catalog of hundreds of possibilities of extracting architectural quality from a reaction diffusion model. The catalyst for this was a good find in the u-skate world. I found a lower subset of the reaction which in my mind seemed to have a lot more architectural possibility in it due to the large spaces that opened up inside of it. (Found in the Grey Scott Model at F = 0.0140, k = 0.0450)

Here is the catalog I produced for the presentation. In it, I’ve tried to rationalise specific sectional cuts of the input models into the different architectonics they could possibly represent:

  • passages
  • archways
  • windows
  • levels
  • spaces
  • cantilevers

The hope in doing this was that it would give me a clearer grasp on the architectural possibilities available inside this container of ideas, and that I could make attempts to composite some of these variations into an architectural solution. The only problem I have with doing this is that it takes away from the purely logical process which we’re working with in my current design paper, and becomes a more manual process.


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