Search for Architectural Quality (part 3)

My next idea was to pull out regions from the models and to see what sort of spaces could be created through those volumes. Surprisingly they returned some of the most successful results I’ve had in a while especially in terms of generating some sort of architectural form. Although that said, these are still quite far from any rational form of architecture I am beginning to see potential in it (something which I’ve been struggling with for the last few weeks). But this method is producing some strikingly unique forms which is a plus.

One of the most difficult things I’m trying to reconcile, and a problem with the notion of parametricism in architecture is that parametric architecture has a tendency to reject context, the forms which it produces are unlike anything ever seen in the past hundred years or any time before that, so the tendency for parametric buildings is to attempt to establish their own context, and negate the pre-existing site altogether.

But for now, my concern is with the form, and not yet how they fit into the context, as is why all the renders that I’m doing at the moment (see below) are pure white geometric forms.

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