Reaction Diffusion/Dynamic Stability – A Possible Way Forward

The trouble I have had up until now has been how does reaction diffusion translate into architecture going forward, as I’ve said earlier, reaction diffusion has a very strong aesthetic associated with it, and I think it would be wrong to turn that into an immediate representation of architecture. But I suppose the main reason why I was having this issue was that it was difficult to gain any sort of control over the system I was trying to implement. Enter grasshopper. In the last few hours I came across a way to represent a similar form in grasshopper. Whereas before I’d been using Processing, Ready, or Houdini, seeing as I know grasshopper the best, I’m hoping this will open up my opportunities.

Here is the result at the basic level, this is what I have to work with, and this could be the catalyst I’ve needed for some time.

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