Visualising Spaces

This post continues on from my tests with reaction diffusion (full process here). Like I said before, I was going to begin to look extrapolating the form into 3 Dimensions, so this is an early result of that.

Trying to visualise spaces out of some of these forms is quite a difficult task. However it reminds me of a TED Talk done by Michael Hansmeyer in which he talks about imagining impossible spaces through computational methods. The spaces that are created follow a defined logic, but the process and the end result is virtually imperceptible by the human condition. So the goal in going through this process is to try and rationalise a form out of it.

I’ve iterated out almost 30 of these reaction diffusion forms in 3D and so my next step is going to be to take either horizontal or vertical sections through them to try and rebuild a layering effect in after effects which will hopefully aid this process of visualising spaces.

Here are several early sections which I’ve rendered out. These are all sequences of the same model.

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