Mesh Triangulation Animation

Anyone who uses grasshopper will at some point discover the voronoi component. It’s great component which creates really interesting forms based on point location data, be it random or sorted in a particular way. The trouble is, it’s very overused, you can see examples of it used all the time by designers. Hence I tried to do something a little different with it.

In this animation, I used the 3D voronoi component on a set of random points, then isolated the voronoi cells which crossed a predetermined path, and used mesh triangulation to generate the patterned form on the structure. Then, to add another level of complexity, I animated the points which the cells were based on to move in a random direction to add dynamism to the form as the camera flies around the structure.

Finally, I experimented with key-framing the camera movement. By using a graph mapper component, I was able to change the speed with which the camera moves along its axis, so the camera speeds up as it tracks through the middle of the animation, and slows down as it reaches the penultimate point of the shot.

One thing I particularly liked about this model was the shadows – specifically the degree of sharpness. It’s not too soft that you lose understanding of the form that’s been generated, but it’s also not completely sharp around the edges. Also, while the form changes quite rapidly, watching the shadows makes the animation a bit clearer. I included some stills which I pulled out of the animation which have some nice shadows to them.

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