Parametric Weave

In the last few days, I came up with another idea of something to try and achieve through parametrics – weaving. By taking a base surface, and running geodesic curves from end to end in both U and V directions, I took those curves as my base geometry to apply a surface weave. Here are the initial results.

I think the weave notion is successful, how useful as a design element is unclear at this stage, but we will see as time goes on whether it could have any application. Weaves can be strong and useful under tension, and this would certainly provide a striking appearance to a facade, depending on the scale and material used to achieve it.

Of course, the script still needs to be tidied up and requires modifications. For instance:

At the seam of the surface, where the edges meet to make a closed object, the geometry seems to break down, with compression and rarefaction occurring in the weave right beside each other, This is probably due to the normal vectors displacing the original curve geometry, so I will hopefully be addressing this in the coming days as well.


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