Parametric Tower 2.0

So I took the same parametric script which I had been working with in my last post and tweaked it a little bit in order to create this. The tower, version 2. I didn’t particularly like the way the old one bulged in the centre, it didn’t come across as believable, and overall just didn’t look right.

I did two render passes of the new one with different light conditions to accentuate different features of the design.

The frame has a more steel like quality in the latter, and I like the uplighting better as opposed to the effervescent quality of light in the first. The lighting also accentuates the zigzagging form which is something I focused on in this second iteration of the parametric tower. The main issue with the latter render is the lighting of the backdrop, no doubt something to keep working on.

I aim to composite these two render passes sometime in future, so we will see what comes of them. While I may continue to play around with the structure, at this stage I am happy with the form generated.

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  1. Amazing Work!!
    Could you by any chance share ur GH components or Process of how you created this amazing form? i’m trying to create a similar form myself -with the difference that I’m looking to create sth with more variations in heights- but I am struggling at the moment, so any help please?

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