Parametric Design

I started learning grasshopper in order to develop my skills of parametric design. However until now, I haven’t designed anything which actually embraces the parametric element to the extent I want. Until now. Over the next few days I will be producing renders of one particular parametric model and its variants.

Here’s the first. I wasn’t entirely happy with how this one turned out, the paneling was far too simple, and the render wasn’t particularly effective.

Second attempt was much more successful, I changed the paneling method and added in various floor levels too. Which ended up working really well, especially in terms of the reflections and translucency effects of the material.

With most renders, I also render out various render channels, as they sometimes have unexpected effects. The second image is the refraction channel for the second render.

The lighting result is much sharper and it adds a different sort of understanding to the model, which concentrates on the spaces within more specifically. This will also be an area that I venture into in the coming weeks; the section, the plan, and the population of this form.


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