Symbiosis – Concept Diagrams

Our studio this semester made us put some energy into the idea of essence diagrams, the idea is that you should be able to convey your concept in a drawing with 6 lines or less.

So the essence of my design was the inverted L shape, this was the driver and enabler for the concept to really take off.

The iterations go through several stages:

  • Firstly, the inverted L sits on its neighbour
  • Secondly, a window is added to break up the concrete facade and bring in daylight + variation
  • thirdly, the building is fully raised off the ground, using its neighbour entirely for structural support
  • fourthly, detail is added to the glass opening to bring character to the design and work as a linking element between the two outside cages
  • fifthly, the pitched roof was taken into account
  • sixthly, the approach had to be considered, and hence an opening was sliced out of the bottom corner.
  • seventh + eighthly – several different stair approaches were considered
  • ninthly, Apertures became a large consideration and were added in the form of small perforations
  • lastly, the apertures were adjusted for the private space to provide views out to key locations

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