Stripped Back – The Concept

A relationship between two dissimilar organisms, often, but not always of a mutual dependency.

The driving force behind my concept was the notion of parasitism and the idea of parastic architecture. The idea is that the building is born out of structure it sits on was defined by this key notion and resulted in a powerful form. Becuase of this idea, the building leant itself to a very unique position in which it did not actually need to sit on the ground. By raising the building and creating a clearance between itself and the site, this created an interesting moment of delight experienced from the outside. The floating box is characteriscally striking, as the apparent mass of the building magestically sits over one’s head.

The building took queues from the the parasitic notion and continued to express itself in a biological context. The steel beams which connect the floating mass and the other perched on the parapet of the structure are amongst the other things which show this influence. The beams were conceived as if a surgeon took to the flesh of the building with a scalpel and made an incision wrapping around the entire section of the building and then being prised apart. What this suggests is that when the flesh of the building (ie. the concrete) is removed, what remains is exactly what we’d expect to, the bones, or the structure which is what holds the building together.

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